How to Send Payment through Western Union or MoneyGram

Sending payment through Western Union or MoneyGram is safe and easy.
Just follow the simple steps listed below...

Step # 1 - Choose order quantity.

1 Bottle: $90.00

(+ $7.95 s&h)

3 Bottles: $180.00

(+ $11.95 s&h)

5 Bottles: $270.00

(+ free shipping)

12 Bottles: $540.00

(+ free shipping)

Step # 2 - Visit a Western Union or MoneyGram office near you and send payment.

When sending payment, you will need the following information:

Address payment to:

Barbara Haines
P.O. Box 50
Hanover, Pennsylvania 17331

Step # 3 - Email us with your information.

In order to pick up your Western Union or MoneyGram payment,
we will need the following information from you:

  1. Your Western Union Money Transfer Number (MTCN) or MoneyGram Transfer Number. For Western Union, this is usually a 10 digit number which Western Union will give to you. MoneyGram will provide you with a transfer number as well.

  2. The exact dollar amount sent.

  3. Your full name and shipping address. Make sure that the name you give us matches the name used to send the Western Union or MoneyGram payment to us.

That's it!  Then, simply email us at and we will
pick up the payment, email you to confirm receipt and then ship your order immediately.