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Success Stories

So, just how effective is Stature-Rx™?

Here's what a few of our many satisfied customers have to say...

"your product has been a godsend for my daughter. she's always been the shortest kid in her entire class at school and a lot of the other kids make fun of her because of it. she gets so upset by it she doesn't even want to go to school. our doctor says she's just a late bloomer but that doesn't help her now and in the back of my mind I've always wondered what if the doctor is wrong and she'll never grow again? out of desperation, i bought the adding height exercise program i found online and have been doing that with her each day, and she really enjoys it. in the program they recommend your pills so i took a chance and bought them for her too and i just had to write to both you and the adding height website to tell you both that the combination of exercises and pills have literally jumpstarted her growth and she's grown 1 1/2 inches in the past 4 months. it may not sound like a lot but it means the world to my daughter considering its been over 2 years since she's grown at all!! and it's a huge relief for me knowing that she is healthy and growing finally and much happier now too. so once again thank you so much for your wonderful product, it's safe just like you say and doesn't have any side effects which as you know from my emails before i ordered i was very concerned about the safety of it. anyway once again thank you and god bless you"

"...and I never would have believed that it (Stature-Rx) worked if I hadn't tried it and seen the results with my own eyes"

"StatureRx is amazing! My son has grown 2.75" in under 5 months! We bought a 5 month supply and he still has half a bottle left of one. He's 18 years old and was only 5 foot 4 inches tall. Our family doctor said he was done growing, but your product proved him wrong. Thank you for helping to make my son feel normal again:)"
Mary P.

"I never write testimonials but I'm making an exception here because Stature-Rx is really incredible, my wife and I are still amazed that it worked for me, and I am a grown man! This is powerful stuff I tell you."

"At 39 years of age, I figured there was no way possible that I could grow taller. But I read some good reviews about your product online and how it has helped make adults taller, so I figured what the heck, I'll give it a shot. Well let me just say that I'm glad I took a leap of faith and tried Stature-RX. It actually works!!!! Imagine my surprise when I started noticing my clothes coming up a little bit shorter than usual. At first I attributed it to the dryer shrinking my clothes, but then my wife got out the tape measure and we couldn't believe our eyes.. I had grown 2 inches in just a few months. I didn't do anything else different from my normal routine besides taking the Stature-RX so I know for a fact that it made me taller. I see that your product is safe for teens so I'm back to order more now - this time for my 11 year old daughter who's only 50 inches tall. If your product works for me then I know it will work for you. I am now your biggest believer."

"i had sufered for many years with being a short person which is like every one in my family but i want to fix this so i buy your medicine and have using it for 60 days and just see now i am 3 cm taller in hight so that is good now i just want to know how much more i can expect"

"I play college basketball and need every advantage I can get. Basketball is my life and my dream is to play professionally. I really think I have the skills to do it but not the height. I know that few more inches could change everything for me. I'm considered a 'small' small forward and if I want to take it to the next level I knew I needed a product like yours. I was skeptical because it seemed to good to be true and I know that my growth plates are closed already. But I heard good things about it and knew I could get a refund if it didn't work so I decided to try it. Now I'm glad I did because in the off-season while taking your Stature RX, I shot up 2 full inches. I noticed other changes as well. My strength also increased some without any extra workout on my part and my vertical jump improved by several inches. Coach couldn't believe it when he first saw me. He asked me 'what the hell have they been feeding you at home son' but I didn't want to reveal my secret to him so I just said, 'nothing special, coach, guess it was a growth spurt.' Things are really coming together for me now and if I keep taking Stature RX I think I can go all the way. So thanks a million to all of you and I will let you know how it goes from here."

Customer Service Testimonials

"Wow, I've heard great things about your customer service - but I never expected such a fast response to my question! Thank you and I'll be looking forward to providing some great testimonial on your product.
R. Ross

"Product arrived today faster than I expected and discreetly packaged as I had hoped. Thank you for your excellent service."

"cool thanx for youre help im ordering now"

"Hi, i'm so exited to hear from you. your customer support is fantastic, i really got the answers i wanted. keep up with the same good work, i'm looking forward to getting started. which i'll do very soon. take care!!!!!!!"

"Amanda, your excellent customer service and thorough answers to my questions have convinced me to order the product for my daughter. I'm very excited to see how well it works for her. Thanks so much! Please pass this message on to your supervisor and let them know what a great job you're doing!"


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Stature-Rx should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle. Individual results may vary.
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